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Welcome to Great Southern Gun Works. I specialize in building extreme bolt action rifles, from hunting rifles to competition rifles. All the rifles I build are custom tailored to fit the individual needs of the customer. All rifles are assembled by hand to insure the highest quality and the most accurate rifle. So, if you are looking for a custom built rifle, give me a call for a free quote.

These are the types of rifles I build.


Barnard Model P Action
US Optics ST22 Scope
Kieger Barrel
Robertson Composite Stock


H-S Precision Stock
Pac-Nor Barrel
Leupold Scope


Savage Model 110 LA Action
Manners Stock
Pac-Nor Barrel
Nightforce Scope


REM 700 Action
H-S Precision Stock
Schling Barrel

AR Platforms

CMMG Lower
DPMS Upper
Kieger Barrel
Magpull Stock


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Below are some testimonials from customers I have rebuilt rifles and/or built custom rifles for with pictures of the finished product.

Cape Canaveral, FL

Remington 7mm-08

I purchased this rifle as a factory Remington Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08 as a lightweight rifle for Mule Deer hunting. Out of six different factory loads, the best group I achieved with this rifle was 2 ½”, the worst group was 8”, and the point of zero jumped all over the place between brands of ammo. All groups were shot with premium factory ammunition. I was very disappointed in the rifle and could not ethically hunt with it, at the ranges that would be encountered hunting western Mule Deer. I was also not comfortable selling it without disclosing to the buyer that it shot somewhat like my iron sighted Hawken, if not worse. A friend told me about Parish Davis and Extreme Rifles. Parish turned my rifle into not only a shooter, but the best rifle in my whole collection. It now shot factory ammo into groups not exceeding 1 ¼” with almost no change in zero between brands (these were the exact same boxes of ammo I used in the factory rifle before Parish worked on it). My best handload shoots 3/8” groups, but to me its most impressive attribute was its consistency with any factory ammunition, which is helpful on a road hunt where replacement ammo might be needed. All this, and it still maintained a very reasonable weight for mountain hunting. The rifle spoiled me, and now Parish is currently working on my fifth rifle to date. So far, the three completed ones are all sub moa shooters.

Cape Canaveral, FL

375 Cheytac

After Parish Davis had converted several of my factory rifles into precision shooters, I asked him to build me a full custom 375 Cheytac for precision shooting out to 1500 yards and beyond. He accepted the project with great excitement and several months later returned to me a one of a kind custom rifle that shoots under MOA in the very early stages of my load development. I can’t wait to see what it does when I finish break-in of the barrel and tweaking loads.  A friend has a factory Cheytac that costs twice the amount of mine and shoots groups twice as wide. He is not happy.

Florala, AL

300 RUM

I had a Savage 300 Win Mag that I finally shot the barrel out on.  I wanted to have it re-barreled, so I talked with Parish for the cartridge that would be best suited for hunting as well as long range competition, and decided on a 300 Remington Ultra Mag, shooting 240 grain bullets.  The only things that were used from my rifle were the receiver and scope, everything else was changed.  I wanted a tactical looking rifle with a custom camouflage paint scheme.  I was informed thru out the build process.  After the rifle was completed, Parish supplied me with the internal measurements so that I could custom load rounds for the rifle.  After a couple of different powders at various weights and fire forming cases, I have a rifle that shoots ¼” groups at 100 yards.  I am very pleased with the way the rifle looks, handles, and especially shoots.  I’m looking forward to the next rifle that I have built by Parish.


Mobile, AL

338 Lapua Mag

Parish builds the ultimate in functionality with all the necessary customizations that turn a rifle into a tack driver.
 He won't talk you into something you don't need and makes the absolute most of the money you are willing to spend.
The rifles he builds are fully capable of any shot you want to make; it is purely a factor of whether or not you have the ability.


Theodore, AL

M700 .308

M700 7mm-08

Parish has built 2 rifles for me, both have Rem 700 actions and Pac-Nor barrels.
They consistently shoot better than ¼ MOA out to 600 yards.
I could not be more pleased and anxiously await starting a 3rd gun.





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