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Extreme Rifles


About Us

I, Parish Davis, established Great Southern Gunworks in 1999. I have spent over 20 years providing quality custom hunting rifles to my clients.  Gunsmithing is more than just a hobby, it is my passion. I specialize in building extreme bolt action rifles, from hunting to competition. All the custom rifles I build are tailored to fit your individual needs. Everything is assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality and most accurate rifle possible.

My work experience varies from clients seeking a custom rifle for varmint hunting or muzzle breaks for an existing device. I have customized many types of rifles, including hunting rifles, long range rifles, tactical rifles, and rifle barrels. When planning a custom rifle order, it is essential that the professional providing the service is proven trustworthy and capable. From custom rifle work to restorations, I’ve got it covered. I take each client request seriously, and my goal is impress. I pay attention to the finest details. My work has proven quality and repetitive clients

Custom Rifles

The best thing about building a custom rifle, is that you get exactly what you want. In my shop, every rifle is built by the same high standards. Most of the components used in building your rifle are made to order, from shops all over the country. Whether it is a long range hunting rifle, a light weight hunting rifle, or a 1,000 yard competition rifle, all of the work is done in my local shop; it is never sent out to a third party.  

The accuracy and functionality of a rifle are the most essential qualities to consider in my custom rifle work; you need to be confident when you pull a trigger. Therefore, each custom rifle is tested by me, personally. Whether I am working with a rifle used for long range shooting, or a varmint rifle, each is tested for quality. I ensure that each custom rifle is extremely accurate and reliable. The results of my work are guaranteed. 

Do you have an antique rifle in your closet?  Or, maybe you have a gun that was handed down to you from your grandfather?  Sometimes a custom rifle is not exactly what you need. Sometimes, you need to spruce up what you have. If this sounds like you, you are at the right place.  In addition to building custom rifles, I offer a full line of gunsmithing, gun restoration, and refinishing services. 

In this video, you will find a basic overview of the process of building a custom rifle and gain insight into why a custom rifle is worth the wait. 

Here are examples of targets that have been shot with custom rifles that I have put together (most are 5 shot groups from 100 yards).

These Are Some Of The Manufacturers We Use When

Building Your Custom Bolt Action Rifle

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