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Great Southern Gunworks has many years of experience with rifle refinishing and rifle restoration practices. Whether your rifle has a broken rifle stock, cracked grip, corrosion from fluctuating environments, rust or scratches, don't worry, it’s not beyond repair.  


We provide custom refinishing and custom cerakoting in a variety of colors. So whether you need to refinish a gun stock or need to restore a rifle stock with specific gun stock stain colors, Great Southern Gunworks can bring your rifle back to life. We can even offer hand painted camo for your firearm and a variety of other custom rifle services.


Why Refinish or Restore a Rifle?

There are a variety of reasons to refinish or restore a firearm. Usually the main reason for firearm refinishing is that owners want their firearm to look clean and function perfectly. Restoring a rifle is usually saved for older weapons or severely damaged firearms that need to be brought back to life.

Gun Refinishing

Rifle refinishing is a common rifle repair. Sometimes it’s for something as simple as the finish fading over time making the rifle look different. Other times it's because there are frustrating scratches, dents or marred areas that people want fixed. 

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Rifle Restoration | Firearm Restoration

When it comes to restoring a rifle, this is usually because it's a very old rifle that’s not been stored or cared for correctly. Gun restoration services are usually applied to firearms that have noticeable water damage, barrel defects, trigger issues, stock warping and other noticeable oddities. Sometimes the rifle is just so old that it needs to be brought back up to specs for safety reasons. 


Restoring a rifle is a great way to preserve its original beauty for generations to come.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

A general rule of thumb is that you should inspect and clean any firearm after you bring it to the shooting range. Defensive firearms that are not used too frequently should still be deep cleaned at least once a month.

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What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Rifle?

Every time your firearm discharges a round, you risk leaving behind fouling and residue caused by copper, carbon, plastic, lead and other materials.


This buildup mixed with moisture can cause corrosion and ultimately rust, causing serious damage to the inside of your weapon that will affect its functionality.

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