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Custom Hunting And Long Range Rifle Triggers

• CNC Machined steel body, just like the two stage Mod 22 trigger

• Ferritic nitrocarburized trigger body, cover plate and trigger lever, provide superior corrosion resistance and durability

• Fully hardened, nickel Teflon coated tool steel sear levers, for a lifetime of lubrication-free use

• Single sear adjustment

• Single pull weight adjustment (adjustable from .5 to 3.5lbs)

• Overtravel adjustment

• Optional safety mechanism passes the U.S. military 1.5 meter multi-axis drop test

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Traditional European Design; Austrian Made For Mauser, Ruger & Remington

Super-light "set" trigger and standard hunting trigger, all-in-one. Press forward to quickly convert the standard hunting weight pull into a light, match-grade pull. Solid, all-steel construction; screw adjustable for weight of pull. Installed on a Military 98, "set" pull weight was 6 oz., unset was 3 lb. M98 - Requires widening of the trigger slot. M98 W/Safety - Has large, easy-to-reach, sear block; thumb safety on right side of trigger housing. Has polished steel or gold plated trigger. Requires stock and triggerguard modifications plus milling slot in receiver on M98 - only minor fitting for Mk X. Ruger #1 and #3 - Both use factory safety. Range of adjustm Mfg: Kepplinger SPECS: Steel, polished and blued, or stainless steel (Ruger #1/#3). M98 also available with a gold plated trigger. Instructions.

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Established in 1946 by Allen Timney, Timney Triggers was founded on the need for easy-to-install, single-stage triggers for shooting enthusiasts sporterizing military rifles in the post-WWII era. Allen built triggers for bolt-action rifles such as Mausers, Springfields and Enfields and Timney quickly became known as the aftermarket trigger company for bolt-action rifles.

Allen Timney retired in 1981 and sold Timney to Paul and Rosemary Vehr – parents of the current company owner and president. Paul and Rosemary ran the company until 1999, when they agreed to sell it to their son John who had been working in the family business since 1994 and served as general manager. Unfortunately, three days after the 2000 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, Rosemary Vehr passed away. Five weeks later, Paul too passed away leaving the pending sale contract unsigned on his desk. John eventually bought the Timney Triggers from his siblings and began to immediately invest heavily in technology, cutting-edge machinery, people and most importantly – a mindset.

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Shilen Standard Trigger
Available in stainless and chrome-moly
This specialized hunting trigger is three-way adjustable for weight of pull, sear engagement, and overtravel. Pull weight is adjustable from 1 1/2 to 3 pounds. This trigger does not come with a safety. You must use the safety from your original Rem 700 trigger. If you have the newer X-Mark Pro, you must purchase a safety kit and bolt action release.
Caution: Although it is possible to adjust this trigger to less than 1 1/2 pounds, the practice is NOT recommended because it can result in unintentional firing.

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Rifle Basic Triggers

Since 1990 Rifle Basix has been manufacturing the best aftermarket / replacement adjustable rifle triggers. Our triggers come with a guarantee – we will repair / replace any Rifle Basix trigger at no charge (providing there’s been no modifications).

Our triggers are designed for DIY user install and come complete with all parts and necessary hardware. We also ship all triggers with instructions.

Rifle Basix after-market triggers feature state of the art CNC machined housings made from T6 6061 billet aluminium (aluminum) and are black anodized for a factory appearance. All internal levers are investment cast from A-2 tool steel, CNC machined and heat treated for excellent wear characteristics. The levers are electroless nickel plated for smooth operation and a bright appearance.

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Jewell Triggers

The Jewell trigger is a great choice to upgrade your factory trigger. The HVRTS (Hunting Varmint Rifle) trigger, in this configuration, includes a top safety and is pre-set for a 1lb pull. The trigger pull can be adjusted from 1-1/2 oz to 3 lbs using the included springs.

THE JEWELL TRIGGER USES ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION, THE INTERNAL COMPONENTS ARE CNC MACHINED USING 440C STAINLESS STEEL HEAT TREATED TO RC58 FOR IMPROVED DURABILITY. Adjustment screws are fitted with a nylon insert to maintain your trigger settings without using thread locking compounds.

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The traditional two-lever/single stage trigger is our best selling Remington 700 Trigger Assembly. The biggest advantage of a two-lever system is its resilience in harsh conditions. This trigger features pull weights ranging from 9 oz. to 48 oz. and a captivated sear for easy installation and a trigger block safety. Available in either black or silver. 

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The Super MCX SSA was designed as a high performance, combat inspired two stage trigger. Derived from our CRANE Safety Certified M4 carbine trigger, the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA), the Super MCX delivers all of the same performance, reliability, safety and forgiveness features that the SSA possesses. The Super MCX is a 4.5lb., non-adjustable, two stage trigger that provides the shooter with precise and accurate trigger control. The trigger is light enough to be used in precision applications, but is forgiving enough to be used in demanding applications such as close quarter battle (CQB) scenarios. These features make the Super MCX ideal for hunting, law enforcement, and military type applications and makes this trigger a perfect trigger for all around use.

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