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I had a muzzle brake put on my hard kicking 375 Ruger rifle and I was told I could expect a 65 to 75 percent reduction in recoil. When I picked up the rifle I was very pleased with the way the brake looked on the rifle. Upon firing the rifle I did a double take to make sure it was the 375. The recoil was that of a 243. Not only was the fit and finish great,but the recoil reduction was as much or more than promised. Thank you Parish for a great job.


Busted the stock on my Montana rifle. Parish helped me pick out a carbon fiber replacement stock and ordered it for me. I picked up the rifle yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Parish is great to work with, and very knowledgeable gunsmith. He doesn't try to sell you something you don't want, but let's you know what all your options are. Totally satisfied.


Mobile, Alabama

I recently purchased a Rossi .22WMR from Academy Sports. They have a no-return policy or they would have gotten this one back! The most rounds without a mis-feed was three. Parish had it 2 days and said it was ready. I have put approx. 120-140 rounds down range without a hitch! Excellent gun smithing!



Custom Gunsmithing | Extreme Rifles | USA | Barrel Jewel Trigger

Parish Davis has built several custom (or customized) long range prone rifles for me in various actions. All rifles that Parish has built for me are easily capable of 1/4" groups at 100 yards with handloads when I have a good day shooting.

The first long range prone rifle I had Parish build for me started from a stock Winchester model 70 in 7mm Remington magnum when I began shooting long range. My best 5 shot group of XX" with this rifle is still hanging in Parish’ shop. Unfortunately this got me hooked on highly accurate rifles and Parish has built me the three additional custom rifles described below.

The first fully custom rifle was a 6XC repeater with Barnard action. This particular action was to be delivered to me with magazine already working for Parish to bed in a fully adjustable Roberston stock and chamber a Krieger barrel. When the action retailer here in the US could not get the magazine to work with action Parish had it fully functioning in a day or so. Parish completed the rifle and it is one of those shown on his home page.

The next was a BAT action with Broughton barrel in a fully adjustable Robertson stock. The barrel was chambered for 7mm WSM and topped with a Nightforce NSX 5-20x56mm scope provided by Parish. He later threaded the barrel to receive suppressor I purchased for this rifle.

Branching out a bit, I had Parish put together a semi-custom AR15 piston based action with 16" heavy contour PacNor barrel and Geisle match trigger. I now reside in Colorado and taking this rifle to the range draws some significant attention. The people who have shot it are surprised by the ease of pull of trigger and accuracy they are able to achieve shooting this rifle the very first time.

Parish has recently helped me to design and build a wildcat cartridge. He is currently chambering a barrel for me to try out my new cartridge design. He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of cartridge performance, rifle build and integration of any feature to build your dream rifle. I am extremely pleased with function, performance, appearance and accuracy of every rifle Parish has built for me and will continue to have him build whatever I can dream up.


Building a Custom Rifle | Great Southern Gun Works | United States | AR-10

Prairie dog kill at 1268 yards at the rocking 7 ranch in Wyoming in 2007. 7 mm wsm nesika action McMillan stock jewell trigger night force scope. Shooter is Parish Davis.

Robert Wilson

Mobile, AL | Functional Repairs to AR-10

Gunsmithing | Custom Built Rifles | USA | Extreme Rifles

Recently I had my .308 cal. rifle completely Cerakoted, and many upgraded features added. When I got it back re-assembled from the coaters, I took it to the range for sight in, and SURPRISE, it would not cycle or chamber rounds.

I called Parish Davis at Extreme Rifles, to examine the firearm, and determine exactly what the problems were. After discussing on Tuesday, what changes were needed, I received a call that following weekend, saying my gun is repaired, and ready for pick-up. Parish has done custom work for me before, and I've stated that the work exceeded my expectations. I am a gun collector and shooter, and I'm glad his service is available in my area.

AJ Stewart

Theodore, AL | REM 700 Xlr stock 6 xc

Custom Hunting Rifles | Reliable | United States | Great Southern Gun Works

To date, Parish has built two rifles for me, one in 338 RUM and the second in 6xc, both were built on factory Remington actions that were trued and blueprinted by parish himself. The 338 sporting a pacnor custom contour 1 in 10" twist rate at 32" in length while the 6xc is using a 1 in 8" twist rate Broughton 5C #7 contour barrel at 28" finished length.My father liked the 338 so much that he took the gun over to do his own load development with it while I still have the 6xc. 

Early testing with the .338 using H1000 and 250 grain sierra match kings yielded sub 1/2 moa performance at 100 and 200 yards, and to date my best 6xc loads using berger and swampworks 105 grain bullets and H4350 yielded sub 1/4" groups at 100 and sub 3/8" groups at 200! The 6xc was placed in an xlr carbon chassis and feeds reliably from the accuracy international magazines every single time.

Parish is a very reasonable man with good knowledge yet doesn't try and make your decisions for you. He doesn't try to force you into something you don't want or need, and won't hesitate to give advice on any questions you may have, trust me, I had my fair share in the beginning and probably called at least once every other day for a LONG while!


Cape Canaveral, FL | Remington 7mm-08

Remington Mountain Rifle | Custom Gun Coating | USA | Extreme Rifles

"I purchased this rifle as a factory Remington Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08 as a lightweight rifle for Mule Deer hunting. Out of six different factory loads, the best group I achieved with this rifle was 2.5", the worst group was 8", and the point of zero jumped all over the place between brands of ammo."

"All groups were shot with premium factory ammunition. I was very disappointed in the rifle and could not ethically hunt with it, at the ranges that would be encountered hunting western Mule Deer. I was also not comfortable selling it without disclosing to the buyer that it shot somewhat like my iron sighted Hawken, if not worse."

"A friend told me about Parish Davis and Extreme Rifles. Parish turned my rifle into not only a shooter, but the best rifle in my whole collection. It now shot factory ammo into groups not exceeding 1.25" with almost no change in zero between brands (these were the exact same boxes of ammo I used in the factory rifle before Parish worked on it). My best handload shoots 3/8" groups, but to me its most impressive attribute was its consistency with any factory ammunition, which is helpful on a road hunt where replacement ammo might be needed."

"All this, and it still maintained a very reasonable weight for mountain hunting. The rifle spoiled me, and now Parish is currently working on my fifth rifle to date. So far, the three completed ones are all sub moa shooters."


Cape Canaveral, FL | 375 Cheytac

Custom Competition Rifles | United States | Great Southern Gun Works

"After Parish Davis had converted several of my factory rifles into precision shooters, I asked him to build me a full custom 375 Cheytac for precision shooting out to 1500 yards and beyond. He accepted the project with great excitement and several months later returned to me a one of a kind custom rifle that shoots under MOA in the very early stages of my load development."

"I can’t wait to see what it does when I finish break-in of the barrel and tweaking loads. A friend has a factory Cheytac that costs twice the amount of mine and shoots groups twice as wide. He is not happy."


Florala, AL | 300 RUM

Long-Rang Competition Rifles | Calibers | USA | Extreme Rifles

I had a Savage 300 Win Mag that I finally shot the barrel out on. I wanted to have it re-barreled, so I talked with Parish for the cartridge that would be best suited for hunting as well as long range competition, and decided on a 300 Remington Ultra Mag, shooting 240 grain bullets."

"The only things that were used from my rifle were the receiver and scope, everything else was changed. I wanted a tactical looking rifle with a custom camouflage paint scheme. I was informed thru out the build process. After the rifle was completed, Parish supplied me with the internal measurements so that I could custom load rounds for the rifle."

"After a couple of different powders at various weights and fire forming cases, I have a rifle that shoots 1/4" groups at 100 yards. I am very pleased with the way the rifle looks, handles, and especially shoots. I’m looking forward to the next rifle that I have built by Parish."


Theodore, AL | M700 .308 & M700 7mm-08

Custom Made Rifle Barrels | Alabama | Great Southern Gun Works | Long-Range
Custom Rifle Scopes | Scope Mounts | USA | Extreme Rifles

"Parish has built 2 rifles for me, both have Rem 700 actions and Pac-Nor barrels. They consistently shoot better than 1/4" MOA out to 600 yards. I could not be more pleased and anxiously await starting a 3rd gun."


Mobile, AL | 338 Lapua Mag

Accurate Shots | Gunsmithing | Great Southern Gun Works | USA

"Parish builds the ultimate in functionality with all the necessary customizations that turn a rifle into a tack driver. He won't talk you into something you don't need and makes the absolute most of the money you are willing to spend.


"The rifles he builds are fully capable of any shot you want to make; it is purely a factor of whether or not you have the ability."


Mobile, AL | 338 Lapua Mag

Custom Built Hunting Rifle | Extreme Rifles | United States | Gun Refinishing

"Wanted to send you some photos of the new rifle you built. I took it to Wyoming on a Prairie Dog hunt last week and just like always it performed great. The first photo is a target I used here at my home range at 350 yds. I was shooting 80 gr SMK with IMR 4895 loaded 10 thou off lands. Glass used is a 25 power Leupold target dot reticle. We had 20-30 mph sustained winds in WY and while a rifle cannot compensate for the wind it is nice to be able to walk a bullet in and rely 100% on the rifle being true the entire time. Thanks for another great rifle."


Mobile, AL | Savage 260 MDT

savage 260 mtd.png

"I recently went to a gun show and had an old Swedish Mauser follow me home. It had been partially sporterized and quickly became a project gun. Parish helped me decide how to best finish the gun and performed a very high standard of workmanship to the build. He is very knowledgeable and is a true craftsman. His quick response time and reasonable prices are an added bonus. He is my "go to" guy for my gunsmithing needs."

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