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Air Guns | Extreme Rifles | USA | Gunsmithing

The galleries below are some the custom rifles that I have built over the years. Most of these custom rifles are great for multiple uses such as; hunting, long range hunting, target shooting, tactical matches, and even competition use. Most of the design aspects of these rifles can be combined to make the perfect custom rifle. As you go through the galleries make a list of the features and design aspects you like, then contact me for a quote on the perfect custom rifle for you.

Custom Hunting Rifles | Great Southern Gun Works | USA
Custom Made Competition Rifles | Rifle Scopes | USA | Extreme Rifles
AR Platform Rifles | USA | Great Southern Gun Works
United States | Custom Tactical Rifles | Extreme Rifles
Varmint Rifle | Custom Gunsmith | United States
Custom Built Pistols | United States | Extreme Rifles

Custom Rifles | Hunting Rifles | USA

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